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SafeShield Solutions is dedicated to providing high quality services to establishments throughout Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. Take a look below to find out what we specialize in, and get in touch with any additional questions or to learn more.


The Science of Disinfecting
PermaSafe is a revolutionary new system that combines a unique disinfecting sprayer process with an equally unique disinfecting product. The unit uses an electrostatic
charge applied to the spray, causing a natural attraction between spray droplets and target surfaces. As the product is sprayed, it picks up this charge giving it 75 times the force of gravity to completely wrap around and cover every surface it touches.
The spray evaporates easily on surfaces and can be used in high clutter areas and “touch areas” such as desks, papers, phones, restroom surfaces, etc. It is also highly effective on computer keyboards, recently reported the #1 source for spreading communicable diseases.
One of the main features of our process is the fact that it meets EPA Toxicity Category IV, which means this is the safest category allowed for disinfectants. The EPA rates products on a scale of I – IV, with IV being the least toxic category. This product is a 100% non-toxic, disinfecting cleaning solution that destroys 99.9% of a wide-range of disease-causing microorganisms.
The product is safe for all commercial environments and facility occupants. With the use of our services, your company can promote having a safe and healthy environment and being proactive in the fight against preventing infection diseases. We look forward to discussing this application with you.

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